A day full of team building activities
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A day full of team building activities

Saturday, the 25th of July, was a day full of team building activities dedicated to the NetMatch team. Once again, we were at a very beautiful location: Muntele Baisorii, in the county of Cluj. The weather was just perfect, our team was ready and filled with energy, while the participants were also excited and eager to start the adventure!

After a cup of coffee and a well-deserved breakfast, we began the teambuilding day with a “Carousel”- an icebreaking activity which helped us discover new things about our colleagues, and also won them some prizes. The adventure continued with a very interesting and useful exercise: while planning the draft for a weapon aimed to defeat our enemies, we experienced the relevance of feedback. This was the moment when we understood what feedback really is about, how it can impact us as individuals, and also the team’s activity outcome.

In such a teambuilding, one of the most powerful resources is the team! So, the next step in our adventure required passing some challenges in order to earn the right to choose our Houses. Our attention to details and perspicacity were putted to the test during an “ancestral quiz”.  Here we were choosing our House and building a team identity! Now, our spirits were truly ready to step into the unknown!

All Houses had to overcome different obstacles in order to gather resources. These resources were very valuable because, in the end, they helped build some weapons which defended our land from enemies. To gather them all we had to pass through the “Web of lies”, then we need to have “blinding trust” in our leader, who helped us reach safely our “territory”. Because all of these required team work and effort, we also needed some food to rejuvenate our energy levels. But in Westeros nothing is simple! In order to feed ourselves, we had to learn the “art of hunting” and confront the other Houses in a “quail hunting” challenge.

Yet we had to face one final challenge! To build the weapons and to defend ourselves against the White Walkers’ attack! The “war” wasn’t easy, but the terrible monsters were eventually crushed. The strongest monster needed to be defeated through close quarter combat in the end. All of Houses formed an alliance and attacked it by surprise. We finally won the “war”, an effort made possible through proper communication, coordination and joint forces (team work).

We really enjoyed this team building program, especially thanks to the participants! We had the pleasure to work with very creative, active, involved and energetic people! It was that awesome experience where the department you worked on, the position you had in the company, the country you were from, or the age you had didn’t matter! We were all a big team, striving for one common goal and enjoying the experience all the while. Thank you NetMatch for an amazing day and for the unforgettable memories!

More photos from teambuilding: HERE


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