Team building for international leaders
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Team building for international leaders

4th of July was a day dedicated to a team building for international leaders. More precisely, 16 leaders from the company Evalueserve gathered at Conacul Secuiesc Pension, from Coltesti, Alba county, to be part of the Game of Thrones T(h)eambuilding held by Azimut Happy Employees.

We were very eager to meet our participants, especially because we knew that they are foreigners and… we love intercultural teambuilding experiences! While welcoming them, we soon understood that we were going to have a very proactive and involved group, which was exactly what we were expecting. After everyone was accommodated, the teambuilding program began with a get to know each other activity: it was very interesting to see how many uncommon things the participants knew about each other. This teambuilding game was just the ice breaker we needed to set the mood. And this was only the beginning! A mysterious adventure awaited us!

Conquering Westeros needed preparation! This is exactly what we did in the first part of activities: we trained our team so we would be ready to overcome any obstacle or difficult situation. First we had to pass through the “Challenge of the Houses” by using a compass and then, we were taught the secret art of “Decoding the symbols”. Having successfully finished the training period, we decided to take a strategic lunch break in order to strengthen our powers before facing the cruel challenges of Westeros.

After the short break, our journey began. To conquer Westeros, we had to overcome great challenges. We almost drowned in the Dragon River due to over planning, but we managed to cross it successfully in the end.  Furthermore, our confidence in the team members was put to the test during “The web of lies” and our leadership and team organization abilities were the key ingredients for “Blinding trust” .

In the end, due to common efforts and leadership skills, the Evalueserve team succeeded in conquering Westeros! We were so happy for their success, especially because we knew how hard it was for some of them. For example, one of the participants had nyctophobia (fear of the dark) and, this was the first time she had to do a challenge blindfolded! Moreover, another participant had some problems with his ankles but he was so determined to do all the activities, that only in the end we found about his condition. We truly appreciated all their effort and determination, not to mention that besides all this, the team was very proactive and involved in all the activities. It was a pleasure to observe them in the discussion after the exercises because they were always aware of the relevance of the activity and its resemblance to daily situations.

We were extremely pleased to have such great and determined leaders in teambuilding, and we can’t wait to work with you again! Thank you for all your energy and determination!

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