Online Training

Our online training programs are the perfect alternative for saving time and budget. They are happening in real time (live), are facilitated by a trainer and are easily accessible from any modern device with a camera and microphone that is connected to the internet.

Our online training programs are different from other similar services because:

  • All information and resources used are scientifically validated and updated.
  • Our approach aims to change behaviour through action.
  • We use practical and experiential methods of learning.
  • Every participant is an active part of the learning process.
  • We facilitate the content of the training in an interactive way.
  • We do simulations and engaging activities with transfer sessions to the reality of the participants’ jobs.
  • Our Training programs allow concrete evaluation of the results, through a specific evaluation system


Time saving

  • No time invested in travelling.
  • Practical and captivating 2 hour sessions.
  • You don’t need to block several days on the calendar for the training.
  • You have more time to spend at home or at the office.

Budget saving

  • No extra costs for transport, accommodation or meals.
  • No logistic costs or necessary budget for renting a training room.
  • Participants only spend 2 hours/session, and not multiple days.
  • All you need is device with headphones and a microphone.

Real online learning

  • Interactive sessions which contain exercises, simulations and practical activities.
  • You can continue the learning process from home.
  • The experience is facilitated by an experienced trainer, in a live environment.
  • The programs are personalized according to the diagnosis and according to the needs of the participants.

Learning is a process

Learning is a process, not an isolated event. It requires plenty of practice and feedback. For this reason, our programs are not limited just to learning in the training room, but are planned in order to offer the opportunity to practice the gained competences in diverse contexts. As follow-up methods, we implement personalized challenges, team-meetings and personal coaching sessions.

Learning is something personal

Learning is a personal thing. A part of it is happening during an in-class training, a part of it takes place online and a big part of it happens through interaction with other people. Every person has their own preferences when it comes to what, how and when they learn. For this reason, we are offering a mixed bag experience of learning by combining in-class training with online micro-learning modules and coaching sessions.

Learning should be fun

It is true that we can learn even if the process may not be that interesting or even boring, but why would we want that when we can create a learning experience that is both fun and useful? Based on experiential learning principles and gamification, our programs become more captivating, dynamic and enjoyable.

Structure and length of online trainings
  • They are personalized and module-based. They can usually vary between 2-12 sessions.
  • Sessions last 2 or 4 hours and are implemented over the course of several days.
  • Dates and times are agreed upon with the beneficiary.
  • The recommended number of participants is 8-15.

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