Today, more than ever, our work-life is changing radically, as more and more people are working remotely. Feeling lonely might be the biggest disadvantage and can lead to a decrease in commitment and performance. A virtual team-building means organizing via a video call platform and going through online activities that challenge people to socialize, communicate and work together as a team.

Benefits of a virtual team building

  • We put emphasis on having fun and social development with your team
  • We increase the applicability of the program through a diagnosis before and a follow-up report after the team building
  • We take care of logistics and organization (virtual space, video conference apps, etc.)
  • Our facilitators have plenty of experience in adult development and non-formal education
  • Participation rate can be higher
  • Costs are lower

Structure and duration of a program

  • Everything is personalized and planned according to the target group and the intended objectives
  • Duration usually between 2-4 hours
  • Dates are discussed and agreed upon with the beneficiary
  • The number of participants can vary between 5-90 people
  • Usually, our team buildings are wrapped around a team building theme, as the story of the program
  • There are debriefing sessions integrated into the program in order to facilitate the transfer of abilities

Here are a few of the themes for our virtual team buildings:

Take the Azimuth towards Everest

Mountain peaks have always fascinated people. You will be part of a team of mountaineers, each with a given role: medic, guide, leader, photographer, ecologist, sherpa, etc. Your difficult goal is to reach the top of mount Everest, as the road there may come with unexpected situations and hard decisions to be made. Will you follow your team objectives or your personal ones? It is up for you to decide!

Bomb squad

In your close surroundings there have been multiple bombs planted by terrorists. The time is too short for authorities to send specialists to help with this threat and as such they have selected you to save the situation. This is not an easy task and you will have to be very careful, as the bombs are complex devices with several levels of defusing, so this will be a very high risk situation. Everyone is counting on you!

Gold of the outlaws

You depart to find the treasure of Jacob the outlaw. You must gather as much gold as you can before the rich-filled land becomes a testing ground for new weaponry. Expeditions like this are expensive, however and your finances are not enough for now. The plan is to get the necessary money for this, even if it means taking up some “interesting” jobs.

Toy world

Together with your colleagues, you get to enter the world of children. Using LEGO pieces, you have to build certain constructions. Be wise in what you choose to build and make sure the quality you will provide is high, as a group of children can’t wait to explore and play with the results of your collaboration. You won’t want to disappoint them!

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