Experienced leaders know how important it is for team members to support each other in order to cultivate psychological safety. They know that informal activities and team-buildings are one of the best ways to improve team spirit and facilitate human connection. This applies even if we are talking about people from software development, pharmaceuticals, automotive, or any other company type.

Over 10 000 people have benefited from being part of our team building projects. Try it yourself!

It is extremely hard to define the concept of a team-building, as the term is often used when referring to a pizza dinner, an archery range afternoon as well as in activities with complex simulations and objectives. As such, we can simply say that our team-building programs are different from others through the following:

  • We facilitate a learning process through having fun and social development.
  • We increase the applicability of the program through a diagnosis before and a follow-up report after the team-building.
  • We take care of logistics and organization (transport, accommodation, meals, etc).
  • Our facilitators have plenty of experience in adult development and non-formal education.

It is scientifically proven that the most efficient way of learning is through play and creative activities. This is the context that our team-building program creates for our participants and the teams they are part of. Depending on the set objectives, the abilities participants can obtain are:

Communication and Feedback

Planning and Coordination

Support and Collaboration

Due to the increase in cohesion and connection, conflicts will soften and will eventually disappear, while psychological safety and trust will increase within the team.

Structure and length of our program

  • Can have a duration of 4 hours t 2 days of activities.
  • Dates are discussed and agreed upon with the beneficiary.
  • Number of participants can vary between 10-400 people.
  • Usually, our team buildings are wrapped around a team building theme, as the story of the program.
  • There are debriefing sessions integrated into the program in order to facilitate the transfer of abilities.

Here are some examples of our team building themes:

Tematici de Team Building Azimut

La Azimutul Spre Everest / Cucerirea Everestului

Bomb Squad

Game of Thrones

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