The microlearning process is a concise and captivating way of online learning that is based on short learning unities and activities, of maximum 15 minutes, so that the participants can learn on their own pace. These sessions are available to everybody on our microlearning dedicated platform: You have access to the platform on any internet connected device (phone, tablet or PC).


  • Qualitative resources: all the resources on this portal have a scientific base and are developed using credible sources.
  • Time efficiency: short and concise sessions help you form a daily habit.
  • Affordable price: some resources are free, other can be available after the purchase of a subscription, but the necessary investment is low compared to the usual courses.
  • Choice flexibility: you have e books, case studies, tools, courses, video materials for over 12 different topics.
  • The pleasure of learning: you have short and varied materials that you can’t get bored of.
  • The freedom of learning: through a interned connected device, you have access to the platform anytime and anywhere.
  • At the right time or just in time learning: you have access to the resources you need, when you need.
  • Scalability: no matter the size of the team, the microlearning process can be easily implemented.
  • Helps you become better: when you study something repeatedly, you remember much better.

Good practices

The platform can be used as the main method of competencies development. It is a friendly alternative with the budget of the company, compared to the costs of classic training. It is appropriate for those who can learn autonomous and active and that already have a base.

The platform can be used as a follow-up method, due to the fact access on is being offered to the employees that already took part in several training programs. The studies show that as we repeat and use more an information, we increase the chances of fixing it in our long term memory.