Our team uses tested learning strategies for adults, the best practices
but, mostly, the scientific method to improve already existing programs
or in order to build from zero eLearning programs to satisfy the needs of
your organization, and of the employees too.

The eLearning customization process

The creation of eLearning programs needs an understanding of the modern education strategies, techniques and technologies, and of the instructional design too. Here are the elements and methods to develop the eLearning programs:

  • Learning Management System (LMS): everything is managed from a single place, offering customization options, and also access to statistics and reports.
  • Micro learning: we develop programs based on learning units of short dimensions.
  • Blended learning: we offer the best combination of autonomous learning and facilitated learning in order to maximize the experience of the participants.
  • Mobile learning: all the eLearning programs are accessible on any device connected to the internet, anytime and anywhere.
  • Active learning: the employees interact with the learning process, unlike taking over passively the information.
  • Personalized learning: the eLearning programs are conceived after the needs of the user.

Good practices

Induction and onboarding

Onboarding created with a micro learning approach, in the online environment, can bring the new employees to date faster and more efficiently, offering relevant information in the right time, which increases the efficiency and productivity.

Employees develeopment

The platform can be used by the employees of the company as a main method to develop competencies. The instant access of the employees to a big variety of resources in the shape of eLearning courses in their time of need (just in time learning), helps learning and shortens the time between learning and implementation.


Using an eLearning system for the compliance training will significantly the retention rate, because based on compliance courses one gets to know the rules, regulations and politics that employees need to memorize.

Product training

The employees of the companies that launch products regularly will constantly need training regarding product knowledge. A micro learning approach, on the mobile phone included, is ideal in these programs.

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