Our mission, Our vision and Our values

Our vision

We develop the potential and well-being of people and organizations.

Our mission

We turn team-development into science.

Our mission

We turn team-development into science.

Azimut values

In our attempt to achieve this vision through applying these values too, we came to believe that efficient teams make money, they don’t spend it. Our experience in the field showed us that team investment proves to be the most efficient choice that a leader can make.

We are focused on developing programs that increase the efficiency, productivity, engagement, and motivation of teams and employees.


We respect our colleagues and clients by protecting sensitive information that we may encounter during the development process of a team.


The only way to develop win-win relationships is by connecting and getting to know each other.


We constantly innovate, finding new methods, instruments and systems that support development.


Any work or learning experience offers better results if the process is pleasant and generates joy.


Results and the way we operate define the quality of our work. This is why we love being organized, delivering promises and respecting deadlines.


We support solutions with long-term impact and value.

We measure constantly the impact that we have and so we can show you we offer programs and solutions that will bring the desired results. Statistics so far (2012-2020):

trainer score
recommendation score
activities score
objectives score

The large number of development programs organized offered us the chance to interact with hundreds of teams in the most varied fields.

We worked with teams that were enthusiastic, proactive, that were opened to improve their performance and that had people proud of the company they were working for. In the same time, everyone of us interacted too with teams were tension was in the air, people were frustrated and they were thinking of leaving.

Noticing these things, we realized that happiness in the working place has to be taken seriously, because it affects people’s productivity and health. This is how Happy Employees program was born, an unique model of diagnosis and development of the employees happiness level, which offers integrated and customized solutions.