Involved every day

Since we began, our purpose was clear: to develop the potential and well being of people and organizations. As many of our employees and collaborators have been volunteers involved in youth organizations, we continue even today to develop and be involved in projects that impact our society.

Free development projects

Within the limit of our possibilities, we can get involved in creating and delivering training, coaching, and team building projects for your local NGO or social initiative.

Get in touch and let’s talk about your project!

Fair news

The authenticity of information in the online medium has become a problem that can affect our society greatly. Information is spread so fast that it can have a negative impact on real life. This project offers free resources that help with the filtration of information.

Our reaction to COVID-19

The corona virus has become a part of our new reality. Each day brings new reactions and opinions – from governments or organizations – that, in turn, develop new effects and challenges that we can all feel. Here’s how we are dealing with the situation:

We meet online

We have reorganized our activity in order to be there for you and to continue the learning and developing process in a safer way. We increased our capacity to implement online programs, be it training, coaching or team-building projects.


On, we offer quality and useful resources in order for you to be able to develop your abilities, both in the virtual medium and in live teams. How to be a better leader, how to better handle stress, how to control emotions or how to increase your performance when working from home are just a few of the competences you can learn about.

COVID-19 Info

On our social media channels and our blog, you can find educational resources about COVID-19. What protection measures you can take in order to become safer, both for yourself and your loved ones.

More free resources

The new reality we are facing has brought a number of challenges and changes upon us. For this reason, all the resources in the categories “Stress management” and “Remote working” on could have been accessed for free until the 31st of July 2020. We constantly post free resources on our updateED platform.